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Elements (Private Intro)

Our Elements program is an opportunity for new members to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit in more of a private setting than our group on-ramp, or those who have limited availability due to schedule. Clients will graduate Elements with a basic understanding of the CrossFit functional movements and workout styles.

Individual: $199 Total
2 person: $175 each
3+ group $150 each
$99 Due to reserve 1st session. Remaining $100 due at start.

*Once registered, please contact to schedule your first session.
**Elements Sessions are NOT available during regular CrossFit, or Conditioning class times so we can give you 100% attention as you learn the basics.

Membership Terms
Expires After: 1 month(s)
Attendance: 3 classes
Begin Date: Nov 28, 2021
End Date: Dec 28, 2021
Payment Terms
Price: $99.00 signup fee, plus $100.00

Due Now

Signup Fee  $99.00

Next Payment

Next Payment  $100.00(Nov 28, 2021)

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